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Originally Posted by M 7 View Post
Well said.

The Left professes compassion and charity for others, yet their acts and words suggest derision and loathing for those who suffer under the burden of unemployment created by those on both sides of the aisle who "lead" us.

Anyone can see that insensitivity for themselves in Gunhaver's words quoted in full above.

We are indebted, and I am grateful to you, Gunhaver, for showing us all the true soul of the Left.

It is my hope that the example quoted above should motivate us all to never devolve to snickering at another human being's discomfort and/or suffering just because of our political differences.
I never professed compassion or charity for anyone. Short of being a regular blood donor I don't even donate much to charity. That's not my thing and if it's yours and you feel superior to me for it than have fun with that.

I simply voted against the religious right for the supremely retarded things they believe. Don't think I have any love for Obama. If he'd also showed up wearing magic underwear and belonging to one of the most wackaloon cults around I'd have voted third party.

But it was G29Reload I was responding to and I particularly don't give a damn about him. He has cows in the front yard and a seriously abrasive attitude. He'll be just fine.
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