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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
Here's a hint: It's something that grows naturally, was recently legalized in 2 states and is vehemently opposed by the party that you keep insisting I should have voted for. The party you keep supporting right along with all their insane big government BS. **** you morons and your lectures about Obamacare. I'd have every one of you taxed into poverty before I buy into that insanity. In the meantime I will revel in your becoming more and more irrelevant.

Have a nice day.
First off, you do realize CF is libertarian right?

Secondly, its very telling you are willing "tax everyone" into poverty, for something that quite bluntly isn't my problem.

How about we take responsibility for ourselves? Why must we use the force of the government to confiscate wealth to what you feel is a just cause?

What makes you entitled to my money? Sounds selfish to me.

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Confederate General Albert Pike: The struggle against oppressive authority is universal and eternal.
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