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Originally Posted by MZBKA View Post
What were the honest intelligent solutions that Romney proposed for our ballooning debt? He made some vague statements about lowering tax rates and ending some deductions, but he never clarified which deductions he'd end.
And he explained why he wasn't divulging more. He didn't want the MSM to corrupt his plan. (why do you pretend to be stupid, I truly believe lieberals lie to themselves first, then to their like minded cohorts, what a lovely bunch of coconuts!) You're like most lieberals, you can't see the truth through your prejudices. Of course if all you watch is the MSM you're ignorance is explained. Anyway, fasten your seatbelt you're going on a fast downhill slide.

He would probably freeze Government hiring, which would not help him get votes. He was going to be tough on the slackers. I understand why you voted as you did. I would also vote as you did, if I was you.
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