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Originally Posted by IndianaMatt View Post
Excellent post here. Re-posted for emphasis.

The GOP has become the party of fear, of anger, of hatred, and of obstruction.

American conservatives have become impervious to scientific facts and to rational arguments.

Instead of "agreeing to disagree", they call people communists or socialists. They play on people's fears because they have nothing positive to offer.

Exhibit A is that everytime I disagree with someone's views here, I'm a troll or a Marxist.

Its not effective. When you call everyone that disagrees with you a socialist, the word loses its meaning.

Its an inherently negative agenda that will find itself supported only by the far religious, rural, uneducated white that is terrified of an America no longer at the center of the universe, but simply a major player in the global scene.
The Democrats have become the party of thieves.
“If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is WITH representation.”

Rush Limbaugh
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