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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Social contract? You have a copy of that?

In the United States 2012, every dime of federal taxes goes to social welfare spending. Not infrastructure. Not Constitutional governmental duties. Not "common good". Straight up welfare. Wealth redistribution.

Now, ask yourself what the government does if you don't pay taxes. Explain to me how it is any less armed robbery than doing it in person.
I'd be curious where you got this stat from.

And what the government does when you don't pay taxes is they lock you up in jail, as they should.

You don't get to drive on roads that I am paying for, enjoy the protection of the military that I am helping fund, without putting in your fair share. Simple as that.

I've been paying taxes all my life, and I've never collected a dime of "welfare."

You pay for the privilege of living in the most developed country in the world, or you don't get to enjoy its freedom.

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