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Originally Posted by IndianaMatt View Post
"Seize money under threat of violence"?

You mean, "pay taxes as part of the social contract, like in every civilized society that has ever existed on earth"?
Originally Posted by IndianaMatt View Post
I'd be curious where you got this stat from.

And what the government does when you don't pay taxes is they lock you up in jail, as they should.

You don't get to drive on roads that I am paying for, enjoy the protection of the military that I am helping fund, without putting in your fair share. Simple as that.

I've been paying taxes all my life, and I've never collected a dime of "welfare."

You pay for the privilege of living in the most developed country in the world, or you don't get to enjoy its freedom.
Of course it's under threat of violence. Why else would anybody go? You'll either go along with the threat, or you'll resist and be kidnapped, or you'll resist enough and get killed. How is that not violent?

I never contracted to pay endlessly to fund a military all over the world or to drop bombs all over people on the other side of the planet, or to pay for other peoples' retirements, or to pay interest on loans to a private bank with a license to print money that i have nothing to do with.

Federal income tax has only existed about 100 years- but you've been so thoroughly conditioned to believe it is necessary for washington bureaucrats to confiscate your money under threat of violence you're actually defending them for doing it. Think about that for a bit. It is 1000%, one million times out of control of what it was ever supposed to be- a multi trillion dollar monstrosity. It doesn't have to be this way, no matter how many times they tell you it does, no matter how inevitable they'd have you believe their rule is. Read what's in my sig- he talks about how conditioning just like you're exhibiting here is so crucial to their maintaining control.

The stats he mentioned you can find anywhere they list the US budget. Tax revenue pretty much matches those three programs. The rest is borrowed money. With all they've taken and are taking now, they've already spent everything they'll take from your kids' kids under threat of violence too, with no end in sight to any of it. There is no end to it, as long as people keep playing along with the 2 party game.

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