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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
An AR is an AR - learn about them and you can make any one work as well as the next. They are like 1911's that way. High dollar brand names are for people who don't know enough to build their own.

Looking above, for example: Double Star makes some of the best parts I've ever had on an AR or a 1911 and I've built both with their parts - excellent quality, but the newbs don't know the name and don't know enough to see the differences, beyond brand names.
Not true. ARs are not created equaly. Build materials are the most noticable difference. Then you have QC and quality of assembly.

Work is a broad term. Work for one may not work for another.

Not knowing you can have quality w/o the "High Dollar" price tag shows, in your words, "newb" status.

Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
FWIW, DPMS sells more ARs in the US than any other maker by a very large margin. You will hear lots about them. But the guns I've seen ran fine. Price is not the only reason they sell bunch...if they were junk they wouldn't hold the market share they do.
Uninformed consumers drive the market. Compare the amount of people w/ ARs sitting in the safe who get out three times a year to the number of guys who are out once or twice a week. The number of ARs sold has no relation to quality. Uninformed consumers who rarely shoot then jump on forums and talk about how their DPMS is 100%.

Originally Posted by LA_357SIG View Post
Not disagreeing with you...

I put more faith in a man that can take an "unapproved" brand AR15 and make it run over any "so called expert's" opinion any day. My reason is, ACTUAL experts like Pat Rogers document failures that occur in his training classes. He can recommend brands that have a less chance of failure based on first hand experience and a very large sample size. More "so called experts" that frequent gun forums usually have the opposite.

In all seriousness, who is more credible? One man who can PMCS a DPMS and keep it running, or some internet commando that posts BCM/Colt/LMT/DD/KAC on every thread but if his BCM/Colt/LMT/DD/KAC fails, tap/rack/bang is the pinnacle of his knowledge base?

But then again, I put the responsibility of proper operation of my gear on myself, not the manufacturer.
What maker does Pat Rogers recommend and back?

How about an AR that just simply runs w/o the need for extra care. I'd rather spend my time shooting than maintaining.

Are you recommending people purchase non functional ARs so tap, rack, bang isn't the extent of their knowledge?
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