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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Here you go Skippy:

Political Issues

Note this is a pie chart of all federal spending, which is of course inclusive of deficit spending. The dollar amounts don't change, just the percentages.

These numbers can all vary $50-$100B or so, depending on the source. Believe me I've looked at a lot of sources and they vary, so we ballpark. The end point is the same.

Total fed revenue from all sources: $2.2Trillion
SS: $720B
Medicare: $491B
Medicaid: $297B
Safety Net Programs: $360B

Right there you have: $1.868 Trillion

That's only $132B remaining of federal revenues.

Still remaining:


Yes, education. Everything from school lunch program to pell grants.

On the most basic numbers above, without getting into details you have

So, no, you aren't paying for "infrastructure" and neither am I. Taxes go to welfare. Congratulations. You folks have made us Western Europe.
So all this chart shows is that a percentage of government funds are mismanaged. How does this equate to government "stealing" from you?

I never said that we don't have a budget crisis in this country, or that government funds are not managed properly. But that is not the same thing as saying that paying taxes is teh same thing as being robbed.
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