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Quick! Help Me Spend the Boss' Money! (X-Plane Build)

Hardware guru's, I'm looking to put together a machine for work. The primary purpose is running X-plane (currently 9 and upgrading to 10 at some point) for various internal training and demonstration videos. And light editing of those same videos. (I'm currently learning lightworks, but definitely open to other suggestions)

No actual budget has been set, but obviously I have to justify it to the bean counters. Pretty much looking at ~$1500 ish or less.

And it has to be from Dell.

I'm currently thinking the XPS 8500. i7 3770, 16gb RAM, and either the Nvidia GTX 660 or an AMD Radeon HD 7870.

Any other thoughts or considerations? I'm not up on graphics cards or really anything on the windows side of the fence, so any input is welcome.
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