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Originally Posted by GIockGuy24 View Post
Here's Microsoft's own malware removal program.

Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community.

As I understand you are facing issue with Claro Search in your computer. is a browser hijacker that overrides existing search engine on the infected computer. Let us try the following methods; I am sure this will help you resolve the issue.

Method 1:

Run Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Microsoft Safety Scanner:

Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. During this 10 days, it will remove all the virus infected files and folders. I suggest you to create a backup of your data and then Install Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Method 2:

Try uninstalling the Claro toolbar from Programs and Features.

Follow the steps for the same:

a. Press Windows Key + X key and click Control Panel.

b. Open Programs and Features.

c. Search for Claro Toolbar.

d. Select it and click Uninstall and follow the prompt.

e. Once you are done restart the computer.

Thank You for all your posts. Spent most of the day yesterday and some of this morning trying to clean out everything (including registry editor). I found MyComputerSearch or Claro Search and Browser Manager throughout my system. Had it in IE, Chrome and FF. I also found it in My Computer. I ended up buying Malwarebytes and using "File Assassin" to delete the locked files. I don't know yet if I got it all. This morning MyComputerSearch took over FireFox homepage (again). If I truly find the cure, I'll post it.
Thanks again!
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