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Hunting related X-mas gifts

So, it's November, and we (wife and I) are thinking about gifts for our 18 year old son who is into hunting and shooting. I know we can go into any hunting/sporting-goods/gun store and see dozens of things, but I was curious about any ideas.

Any ideas about hunting items that are not "necessary", but would be nice to have? Who knows: camo socks, camping knife/fork combo, hat, gloves, etc.

Anything you would like, but may seem silly to spend money on?

How about videos? I know there are tens of thousands Youtube hunting videos, but any ideas on good quality DVD hunting videos? Either instructional or just a "video diary" of a hunt, or both.

Electronic and/or manual calls? I see electronic calls starting below $40 up to and over $400. Combo kits, instructional videos, etc. Any ideas or recommendations?
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