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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
I have limited DPMS experience. Both negative. (I don't usually pay attention to what other people are shooting, but, well, you'll see why I knew what they had below)

First: Guy next to me at the range was shooting an AR15, as was I. Not long after he started he came over and asked me if I knew about them, or whatever. His DPMS had jammed so bad on a round of Remington/UMC FMJ that he just could not get the bolt open. I tried to help but it was damn stuck and I didn't want to beat on some other guy's gun. Range staff came over and pounded the crap out of the buttstock-onto the bench-and it eventually came loose.

Second: At an Appleseed a fellow instructor, whom I had shot with before, was shooting an AR15 as I was doing the same. We were both shooting Federal XM855. He 'warned me' about failures to fire with that ammo. Said he got them from time to time, and he had just had 2 FTF out of 5. He put the two in again and one fired, one did not. I took the one that had twice failed in his rifle...it worked perfectly in mine, same as every other round I have ever put through it *knock on wood*

I'm not going to deny that ARs have malfunctions. What I am going to tell you is that I have seen EVERY malfunction you can find in ANY AR thread on the internet on an M16 Rifle Range in the US Army with Colt and FN rifles.

That malfunction you described above is probably a case rim over the top of the bolt jam and while rare--I've seen it happen in the military. Its a beotch to clear for sure. But it happens even with fully functional MILSPEC issued rifles...

Anecdotal observations like yours are interesting. But they prove nothing. Its like saying you were driving home today and saw a Honda Accord broken down on the side of the road and therefore concluding the Honda Accord is an unreliable piece of junk!
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