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Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post

I'm not going to deny that ARs have malfunctions. What I am going to tell you is that I have seen EVERY malfunction you can find in ANY AR thread on the internet on an M16 Rifle Range in the US Army with Colt and FN rifles.

That malfunction you described above is probably a case rim over the top of the bolt jam and while rare--I've seen it happen in the military. Its a beotch to clear for sure. But it happens even with fully functional MILSPEC issued rifles...

Anecdotal observations like yours are interesting. But they prove nothing. Its like saying you were driving home today and saw a Honda Accord broken down on the side of the road and therefore concluding the Honda Accord is an unreliable piece of junk!

It's like saying I've only seen two Honda Accords in operation on the road and both broke down right in front of me, therefore I am not personally willing to spend my money on a Honda Accord at this point in time, nor am I comfortable telling other people to spend their money on a Honda Accord at this point in time.
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