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Guys here will have different opinions, based on their experiences
exactly.... I have run a few of the lower end AR's through classes & thousands of rounds with hard hits & no cleaning & they were 100%. Same can be said from my BCM, spikes, & CMMG. The only problem I had was ironically with a 6920 where it would jam on the feed ramp after it got hot.
Also you have to understand how these work. You can buy a BCM, colt, DD, spikes etc, BCG & solve 90% of any potential problems a lower end AR may have. You can replace buffers going up & down in weight to correct over/under gas systems, you can replace barrels with CL 1:7 MPI tested ones, you can stake your castle yourself in all of 1 minute.....The point is a lower end AR doesn't have to stay a lower end AR if you buy one.
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