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Originally Posted by dking1 View Post
So I redeemed my gssf discount cert this evening. Gen 4 22, but in my glazed eyes of glock glory I missed the fact that blackwing charged me 450 plus tax. My wife pointed the price difference out to me when we got home. Did gen 4s go up?

So I called bw. They told me only gen 3s are 425 and gen 4 have always been 450. John also told me that even though the gssf paper says gen4 is 425 "that's just the minimum sales price." What's that mean? Not being an ingrate but 25 bucks is 25 bucks.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Unless something changed during the last month or so, the correct price for Gen4s is $425, but GSSF doesn't seem to police that. Many dealers attempt to charge 'incorrect' prices for LE guns (should be $398.20) and GSSF guns (should be $425), and even more-so for LE (based supposedly on dealer level).

Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware; know the price before you buy. (I ask on the phone.) If a dealer within 20 miles has a GSSF gun for $450, and another dealer 200 miles away has it for $425, which would you choose? dunno...

Another blatantly deceitful practice is to remove one of the three mags that come with most GSSF guns and Gen 4s.
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