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Originally Posted by glock_collector View Post
Ar 400 or 500 welds just fine with the mig process, Whadda ya think 7018 is?? Any S6 hardwire is the same as your stick series, the only diff is the way its applied and the use of a shielding gas instead of the flux coating on the rod. Alot of the wire I run in my company is of the 70 series, very common. I fab and install targets and indoor shooting traps, private and federal facilities. Reverse polarity is useful on ar due to the spotty magnetism, 308 ss rods properties are not the best for any of the high magneese steels, you will get very fine cracks that will weaken the welds.
I stand corrected, I thought 7018 was a stick process not mig. I can see you know way more about this than I do and will defer to your greater knowledge. I'll delete my post so no one goes away from here misinformed.

For comparison A106 B comes in at 1.06 Mn, higher than one mills AR500 and lower than anothers. A106 is about as weldable a matal as you'll find.

Not being an ASTM material leaves the door wide open for the mills when they make it. I calculated the CE and depending on whos chemistry I used got .52 to .63 so what's that tell you about ease of welding?
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