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Originally Posted by QNman View Post
Say what now? Romney lost because he couldn't excite his base, yet he was the tea party candidate? Ease up on the morphine while posting. You'll understand your own rants better. Or at least the rest of us will.

If the GOP moves any further left, they'll be democrats.
It is NOT about "moving left." It's about taking the conservative message to ALL kinds of people -- black, Hispanic, female as well as white men.

The Ds had a plan to reach out to and mobilize people of color and women, while the Rs marginalized the former, ignored the latter and somehow imagined that arithmetic doesn't actually work and they could win an election by securing the votes of only white men.

If you think black folks, Latinos and women inherently cannot appreciate real values of conservationism because they are black, Latino or female then you're either racist and misogynist or you don't really believe that those values are worthwhile. [I'm not saying Rs are racists, I'm saying they ceded whole swathes of the population. Not saying conservatives are racist; saying it should be quite the opposite.]

Running to white men only means losing and losing and losing. But REAL conservative values -- as opposed to the pro-big-business, intrusionist, statist BS that the GOP has become -- are good for all people. If Rs want to be and win as conservatives -- not sure they do - then they have to change THAT. And that is not a move to the left.

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