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Originally Posted by iiibbb View Post
2-way street... dude acts as if anyone cares that he's not hiring.

I don't. I can call 12 other concrete guys more than willing to take my business-- and probably businessmen enough to make it work.
Let me tell you some about "the trades" Mr. educated.

Most companies that do trade work are small sub-contractors with crews. The owners of those companies are/were 'tradesmen" themselves. They started at the botttom and worked up. They grew and hired people to expand their business and reinvested their profits in the business, equipment, crews, etc. If economic push comes to shove many of them can go back to doing the job themselves with just the labor they have to hire. They don't HAVE to run multiple crews pay huge taxes etc. In my business I actually took a pay cut when I started to expand until the expansion started to pay off, but in tough times I could always have gone back to being a "One man band" but I had a heck of a shop and the equipment that none of my employees had so they couldn't have competed with me they would have been SOL.

In the future you may be hiring the owner of the company to do your concrete work himself, but he used to employ a lot more people.

The truly sad part to the Obamafuture is that interest rates are at all time lows and it WAS a good opportunity to free up investment money for housing starts. In it's own way, right now is a great time for those with capital and good credit to get in to homes, in fact much better than during the "Sub-prime" market. Unfortunately the rest of the economic forecast is too gloomy due to Obama's "tax people into prosperity" thinking.
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