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Originally Posted by concretefuzzynuts View Post
You assume I'm in the concrete business because of my GT handle? No, I'm not. You even got the message of my post wrong, total fail.

My handle is concretefuzzynuts because I have concrete fuzzy nuts. They are sitting in my nut bowl.

My business is custom made, high end furniture made of exotic woods, art. The market is down for such. The EPA regulations are so strict on some of the chemical finishes I use, it makes it very costly to stay in business.
I can relate.

I bought a former auto-body shop. about 4,200 sqft. with 2 compressors and a full one car spray booth (talk about great for clear finish work). I set up my furniture/cabinet shop in it (and have roome for my knifemaking business as well. But I really wrestle with the idea of fighting all of the BS to get a fulltime business, with employees, going.
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