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ka bar short knife review

The ka bar short knife comes with two options: partially serrated blade or not; and, leather or other material sheath.

The knife is a shortened version of the Marine Corp Ka bar.

I received the short, smooth edge version with the leather sheath.

Pros - the knife and sheath (made in Mexico) show the same high quality control for which ka bar is famous. Obviously, leather will suffer more in the field than the nylon sheath option.

Negatives. The handle is too short. I had the same complaint about the Esee-4 and replaced the scales.
The girth (swell) of the handle is insufficient. I will try to correct it by wrapping 550 cord.
I have a Mora Knife robust on the table for comparison in those two areas. The Robust is ideal on length and handle swell.
I like the carbon steel. However, it will have to undergo extensive sharpening.

I observe that the blade is nearly the same length as the ontario blackbird and about 1/2 inch longer than an Esee -4 and an inch or so longer than a Mora Robust.

The knife is distincly lighter than the Ontario blackbird or the Esee-4 because the blade is substantially smaller than either and I have no idea of whether it is full tang.

The Mora Robust is slightly lighter and balances much better in the hand.
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