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Originally Posted by QNman View Post
That's all well and good, but I must have missed the ads that were targeted to white males. I assure you - I am far from a racist. (My record here stands for itself). There was without question a complete lack of use of modern resources for reaching out to voters, but I don't get where you're coming from about race or gender. I have no idea why they stacked the way they did, nor do I have a solution of how to market better to a specific race or gender.

So we're clear QNman, I am categorically NOT suggesting you're a racist. Last thing I meant to say. [At base, I simply don't ascribe that philosophy to anyone who hasn't made it clear they hold to it.] More than that, I'm not suggesting that's the case for Romney or the GOP or any such thing. I AM saying that if the GOP cannot find a way to get brown folks and women to vote for its candidates, it loses from here on out. I AM saying that real conservative values are good for every sort of people, and that the GOP has clearly failed -- either to embrace those values (my view) or, if they are embraced by the GOP, to transmit them meaningfully to voters across the demographic spectrum.

[To be clear on another front -- i think the problem might well be part of, or at least go hand-in-hand with, the fundamental inadequacies of the two-party system as presently constituted, where both parties are sold out to K Street.]
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