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Originally Posted by KennyFSU View Post
In all honesty, I put 300 rounds through it last night and although it was accurate, it didn't really do anything that my Glock couldn't do (sans thumb safety and decocker). I guess it just didn't justify the $900 price tag for me.

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Well of course... Contrary to what some of the fanboys say and uber fan girl neo who thinks hk's are the greatest thing ever, it REALLY is tough to justify $900 for a polymer pistol no matter what the situation is.

IMO hk's are like buying brand name clothing...There really isn't anything to justify the jump in price except the name, and only that matters to people who give a crap about the name at all..

You see I'm not cutting on hk's ... If they were just expensive it would be "one" thing... But their pricing is really dripping into the "offensive " category, considering what they are. Mass produced, (forgive me) predominantly 'plastic' guns. They really don't offer anything over an "average" gun, nor has anyone been able to show me otherwise.

As for "ergonomics" that's personal preference and in the case of these kinds of guns, it's just a function of how they pour the plastic into the mold
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