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Originally Posted by czsmithGT View Post
Joseph M. McShane is stupid for writing what he really thinks. . Fordham is no different than 95% of all universities these days, especially the Catholic schools- liberal and socialist. This has been going on from kindergarten through grad schools in the US for 50 years. That is how the progressives have decided to remake the USA, through indoctrination of children, and they are/will probably succeed.
There is no doubt you are 100% correct. I only brought this example to the fore because it very nicely highlights the depth to which a once-great institution has sunk.

Some of us went to fine schools which encouraged debate and voicing of all opinions.. Fordham was one once. The Jesuits made a hard left turn sometime in the '70s and now that hard core leftism seems sort of 'traditional' like ivy, and lettered sweaters.
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