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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
Rasmussen polls, which are the most accurate in the country, says 68% of Americans view climate change as a big deal. I'm not one for an appeal to majority argument but that's a lot. 68% of Americans don't agree on anything but they agree on this. I might add, for the purpose of this article it doesn't really matter if climate change is man made or not. This is what the people believe so this is what the politicians have to deal with. What happens when atheists run for office? Doesn't matter what's true, only what the people believe.

But really, does his views on climate change have any impact on his other points? I don't see how disagreeing on someone on one point makes all their other points automatically wrong... Unless that's all you got.
When someone has proposed something as axiomatically stupid as controlling the climate, it invalidates whatever else he can intellectually propose to me. John Huntsman was one. Belief in this one concept ripples through every other component of both his outlook and how it controls our lives -- Cap & Trade, the EPA, etc.

You're right -- the fact that XX percent of people believe something is irrelevant to whether it is correct or not. Hugo Chavez was overwhelmingly reelected president of Venezuela. I'm sure you'll agree that Chavez probably is not the best leader a nation can have.

If, as you're suggesting, climate change is NOT man-made but man STILL has to change it, makes the premise even more idiotic.

"When newspapers are controlled, it's amazing how ignorant and immune from pressure the government can be." -- Amartya Sen

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