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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
Romney lost because he, and a few other Republicans, which tarnished his name, pissed off women, and the minorities didn't like his stance on immigration.

I agree with you ysr, if Republicans don't drop all the women/gay/minority hating, they'll never win an election. It's really not that hard to fathom why you lost when you piss off the exact people you need to help you win.
Romney lost because he is a moderate liberal. He got fewer votes than John McCain, another moderate liberal.

Minorities are not going to vote for a liberal white man over a liberal black man or a liberal democrat, no matter who that liberal white man is. Why vote for a copy, when you can vote for the real thing?

Romney lost because conservative white males didn't have a reason to come out and vote. The republican party has been taking conservative votes for granted, and they don't understand that conservatives won't vote for the lesser evil.

Every time the republicans lose, they think the answer is to move farther left. And then they lose again.

I would take a book learner over the assumption making that runs rampid on this forum.

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