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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Believe what you want.

HK still has the lower failure rate. Glocks last forever. Just ask anyone on the internet that has shot 100,000+ rounds out of theirs......

I've had the Glocks, Sigs, and HK's. I've had more Glocks break than Sigs and HK's. Granted, I have never fired 100,000+ rounds out of any one of my guns but the failure rate of the Glocks I've had compared to the others says something.

I'll never say HK is supreme or for everyone but they ARE the best polymer pistol on the market.

Its not about beliefs. You say HK is supreme to Glock. For you, maybe that is true. But it is subjective. There are plenty of people that would say the opposite. I REALLY like my HK45. If I could only own one pistol that would be it. Its not like were comparing HK to a Jennings pistol. There is a standard of quality and reliability that is needed to be a premier pisol and HK, Glock, Sig, Springfield, and Smith and Wesson all attain. After that it is all preference. I see what all the buzz about HK is now, and i appriciate it, but Glocks are excellent and you can't deny that.
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