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Originally Posted by surf View Post
I will add that some highly skilled marksman will often shoot tighter groups with irons then then say a red dot, even an EoTech with a 1 MOA dot. When you know what your looking for a skilled shooter will see more imperfections in their shooting platform via a dual plane sighting system like iron sights as opposed to a single plane dot set up. Often times irons provide the best accuracy or precision short of magnification for a skilled marksman.
I know for a fact I can shoot much better groups with my irons than with a Red Dot. My Aimpoints are all 2 MOA but that are not precision sights (depending on how you define precision).

But I know for a fact that I can outshoot my red dots with my irons on a slow fire black bullseye from a rest or prone unsupported. Irons allow for as much precision as you know how to get from them--and that can be quite a bit if you know what you are doing.

Now go to a more practical timed run and gun application the Red Dot wins because its accurate enough but its also very quick and somewhat forgiving at 50 yards and under.
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