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Originally Posted by njl View Post
Have any of you tried to simulate a plate rack with a setup of 6 of these and 6 shepherd's hooks?
I learned that style of shooting as a just-out-of-college-&-relatively-penniless bowling pin shooter back in the early 1980's

At the time, Bowling Pins were all the rage, and I lived in snow country.

Picking empty brass out of the snow got old fast.

So, I picked up an original Colt .22 conversion kit for my then-1911.

I'd set up one 8' 2x4 between two sawhorses, the regulation 25 feet out.

The gun club I shot at always had a bunch of empty trashed 12 gauge hulls in the trash barrels on the trap range.

I would grab a bunch of those, and set 5 of them on the 2x4. Back off, load the .22/1911 with the 8 rounds a then-1911 would hold, set the timer to "delay", and bang away.

If Icould hit 3 out of 5 in 7 or 8 seconds, that was pretty darn good.

Then, when I would go to an actual pin match, using actual pins, with my now-.45 equipped 1911, it was "how could you possibly miss?" Those pins looked like I was shooting Saturn V missiles after getting used to picking off those 12 gauge hulls

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