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Originally Posted by IvanVic View Post
I have spent a lot of time in South FL, and have met plenty of middle class, blue collar Latinos, as well as many Latino business men and women. There are also countless low income Latinos that work 10 hour landscaping jobs in 95 degree heat. There is certainly a large Cuban business population, most of whom are conservative. That doesn't mean all of them voted for Romney this time around, but their votes could easily be had.

Saying that Latinos come to America hoping to turn it into a 3rd world dump takes an astonishing level of blind ignorance. Let us hope that an Internet forum, and not the public pulpit, is where these types of comments remain, otherwise 2016 will make the GOP's most recent loss look like a photo finish.
some of it means not all of it.....the latinos im speaking of are generally (this means not an absolute) from mexico and other points south...they dont come here and assimilate to become Americans like the Cubans did or do (again this is a generalization not an absolute). the fact that 70% or higher of the latino vote goes to liberals not conservatives is not my making up numbers, it is what it is.
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