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Originally Posted by Mrs. Tink View Post
Race seems to be a really touchy subject around here, but from one of the few (to my knowledge) minorities that posts on GT... here are a few points regarding Latinos.

1) Latinos aren't really that liberal. They are socially conservative and fiscally prudent.
2) Basically everything "cowboywannabe" says is incorrect. But Latinos aren't going to spend time correcting people who think that. They have other priorities.

3) Being "Latina" isn't that important to me when it comes to voting. I am more interested in economic issues and the budgetary disaster perpetuated by our government. However, the GOP is terrible at messaging to Latino voters. They (knowingly or unknowingly, probably both) insulted Latino voters numerous times during the 2012 election cycle. I laid all of that aside to vote for Republicans at all levels. But hundreds of thousands won't overlook it like I did. They just take their votes elsewhere.

4) Most people who read things like what I am writing will find ways to excuse behavior away, pretend like it is just overly PC or sensitive Hispanics that need to "assimilate," and spend more time trying to tell me how wrong I am than spend a little time being introspective and learn how to appeal to different classes of voters.

No matter how much we all want this to be a classless, color-blind society, it is not. We have a long, long way to go before we get there. I would love it if all voters were educated and spent time looking at ONLY their own economic self-interest when voting. But they do not. We have to work within the existing framework in order to get anywhere. Will we take a stubborn point of view and double down, guaranteeing future losses?

No one likes to be insulted. No one wants a political candidate that seems out of touch or like he can't relate. The rich white Democrats loved to pretend that Romney was a rich white Republican who couldn't relate. Unfortunately, he actually did have a problem relating to Hispanics. Once he started moving in the right direction, it was too late.
how did the majority of the latino vote reflect in the election? liberal or conservative?
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