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That is OK, I didn't take it as derogatory.

Your post seems obvious, right? I mean, Obama is a liberal so if someone votes for him then they are probably a liberal? I wish it were that simple. This is a classic example of a cultural gap. It seems so clear, but it isn't. I could try to explain it from a number of different approaches. Suppose you are a low-income voter who is not extremely educated about the nuances of economics, politics, or any other social science. But you know when you've been insulted. The MSM is carefully avoiding telling you about things like the high Hispanic unemployment rate, the surge in deportations under Obama, the myriad examples of ways that Obama does not have the best interests of minorities at heart. You are too busy working or caring for family members to spend a ton of time researching this on your own. You've got kids, elder care, two jobs, a husband to feed, a wife to provide for, etc. You do the best you can and from what you hear out of the candidates' mouths and friends you trust is that Romney has insulted you and doesn't understand your culture. Better to stay with the devil you know.

I'm not excusing people or saying that it's right. But it is what it is. I see it all the time. Hispanic cultural values and Republican values are quite similar. But who will show them? Not the MSM. Not the Dems who want minorities to stay in their thrall. It's up to us. And we have to overcome the cultural gap to do it.
Being a conservative and being a good leader is not enough for some people. They want to measure your principles by how harshly you criticize the people that disagree with you. There’s a technical term for that political strategy: stupid. ~State Sen. Shawn Mitchell, R-CO

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