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I purchased a few knives this year and I consider an Xmas present last year on this years list, I received a Kershaw Whirlwind which caused me to retire my SOG Flash II. The Kershaw is more comfortable in my hand.

About the only purchase that would be of interest around these parts would be the SOG Aura SEAL I picked up on a whim. I wanted something to put up againsnt my old K-Bar for my "Ultralight/minimalist" kit. Shopping around I got it for a bit over $30 and for my behind the seat of the truck kit it makes more sense than the K-bar (leather rots in this country) or my old Chris Reeve (he quit making that model and it was too expensive for the ob anyway).

I wouldn't try digging a trench with the SOG (I have an original "Spetznaz" shovel in the kit for digging and one edge is sharpened for chopping) but for most cutting chores this SOG seems to be doing well in my little "tests". For a little over $30 it's not one I worry about.
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