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Originally Posted by Skyhook View Post
Oh, I don't know, maybe it was the president's flamboyant use of hate speech without documentation that had me wondering if, somehow, he'd had a 'conversion' - a fundamental transformation.
1) I have no idea what you mean by 'the presidents flamboyant use of hate-speech without documentation'. Explain.

2) A fundamental transformation?! From what to what?

3) The President made no reference to Islam and never used hate-speech against anyone. If you can, prove otherwise.

4) Explain simply and basically, without attempting to hint at or imply, why McShane pressuring the campus Republican club to drop Coulter suggests he's Muslim.


Dude. I strongly suspect that you cannot answer any of these points. I think you're flinging crap against a wall and seeing what will stick. I think that, to you: Muslims = bad, Coulter = good. Therefore anyone who doesn't like Coulter is a Muslim!

Prove me wrong. Show me in a simple and linear way how the President of a Jesuit university not wanting Coulter to speak on his campus somehow implies that he is Muslim.
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