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Originally Posted by Ruble Noon View Post
Hi Mrs. Tink.

If people look at southwest Ks. they will see that in several counties, whites are now minorities. If you look at how all these counties voted you will see that they are all red, republican. I think location and exposure to liberalism or lack thereof have a lot to do with how the Latino community votes. Western Ks. is full of hard working conservatives and these values have passed on to the immigrants.
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Totally, totally agree. One's surroundings absolutely helps, although I'd argue that southwest Ks is a lot like southeast CO, where my family is from. It is different than, say, Los Angeles, although both are attractive to Hispanics for various reasons. I think of politicians in those areas as being more attuned to what is important to the local Latino community than national politicians are.
Being a conservative and being a good leader is not enough for some people. They want to measure your principles by how harshly you criticize the people that disagree with you. There’s a technical term for that political strategy: stupid. ~State Sen. Shawn Mitchell, R-CO

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