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I responded to this liberal troll on his website. Will be interesting to see what he has to say.

No it won't.

Dear misguided editorialist:

1. That fact that you're white is irrelevant.

2. Science: No one in the Republican Party is against science. The opinions of two parliamentary candidates do not a party platform make, nor do they speak for anyone but themselves.

3. Congress does not control the climate. Neither does your almighty president. Inhofe is also correct, manmade climate change is a fraud. There were glaciers as far south as Mexico during the last ice age, and they retreated up into Canada eons…yes EONS…before the Industrial Revolution was a gleam in Henry Ford's eye. Just because idiots like Al Gore think its caused by something else doesn't make it so. And all those weather events you've listed have happened previously, long before you were born. They are not new. They will also repeat from time to time, no matter how many trees you plant or no matter how many trips to the recycling bin you make.

4. Healthcare: We have the best healthcare system in the world, bar none. The nonsense was started by the democrats was over the crisis of paying for that healthcare. Other people fly here from around the world when they have the money, because they know there is no batter healthcare than right here in the US. The democrats desire to manufacture new voters out those who have lived outside the system because they're here illegally or are young and rarely need health insurance is just a feint to earn their continued loyalty,,,,and votes. If anything, the socialization of our medical system will be its ruin.

5. War: Iraq is over and if you're really interested in saving money, where were you when the porkulus bill was passed that cost twice as much and did nothing to lower unemployment?

6. Deficits and debt: This is where you reveal your true trollish nature. The democrat Obama ran up more debt in 4 years than ALL PRESIDENTS IN HISTORY COMBINED UP THRU GW BUSH. Case closed.

7. Gay marriage. Your errant vitriol and spewed pejoratives about "everyone" from 1978-1995 surreptitiously banging their neighbors and co-workers…WHAT? How about before we continue this conversation you provide proof of this idiotic statistic? Then cite its relevance to a social concept voted down everywhere but a few liberal states that involves turning a social construct going back in civilized society to its BEGINNING on its head for all because of the whims of deviants that number maybe 3% of the population, and until just a couple of decades ago when political pressure changed it, was considered mental illness on top of being condemned by every major religion?

8. Meanness: Nothing Mitt Romney ever said was mean. Not a bit of it. If you want meanness, how about Barack Obama's subalterns falsely and maliciously accusing this Mormon missionary of being a) a felon, b) a murderer, c) a tax cheat JUST FOR STARTERS?

So, mayflower descended liberal moron, I propose this:

We lost, but not by that much. If anything, we need to be more conservative, not less.

It is you who should disband before your socialism kills this country.

As far as one party rule, 51-49% isn't exactly hard to overcome given enough hard work.
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