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I seriously have a hard time understanding the mutual stroking of egos going on in this thread, it's seriously delusional. Conservatism does not equal Republican and Obama's re-election should be more than enough evidence for this.

"There were more than enough votes to win this election. How did Romney get fewer votes than McCain. Heck McCain got more votes in '08 than Obama did in '12. For some reason a lot of people stayed home. And those people are white and they're conservative. The only question that should be asked right now is not why are we trying to throw the Tea Party under the bus, the question is why can't we get the Ron Paul supporters. The young alternative folks, who are not Democrats, who don't want the government.

Who just want the Fed to be checked out. Who don't want to invade other countries. Who think the whole obsession over abortion and pot is ridiculous. Why can't we get those folks to vote Republican? Because the Republican party has told them stay the hell away and so they did and we loose." - Michael Berry

The above was the close to the Michael Berry's radio program the Thursday after the election. I challenge any of the so called conservatives here to try to label him a liberal. The GOP lost because it is out of touch with America and Americans.

The OP article might not be dead on but it is certainly on the right track. The GOP should expect to keep losing until it embraces both economic and social freedom.

FREEDOM is the answer, not a political party.
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