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Originally Posted by Drjones View Post
I think that machine you posted looks pretty sweet.

I don't know much at all about graphics cards, so you're on your own there...

I agree that if it's possible to upgrade that to an SSD for boot and a 1-2TB for storage, that would be ideal. An SSD is the absolute biggest speed boost you can make to a PC right now.

If you're comfortable with it, you could possibly just pop in an SSD yourself, but I have read that Windows 8 has a different - and weird - licensing system, so it may not be as simple as it has been up until now.

I disagree with the poster above about AMD; they make decent graphics cards, but their processors still lag Intel. They are less expensive CPU's for a reason....

Have fun!
I dont want to start an AMD vs Intel fight. If I could afford it I would run top of the line Intel CPU's. But I cant so I am "stuck" with my AMD 6 Core. Which BTW will score higher in multi threaded bench mark tests against any comparably priced intel chip. I don't game. I run Linux and use virtual box to run some Windows VM's for college. I buy a video card in the $150 ball park that supports dual displays and HD video.

I was simply saying for a none bragging rights build I would save the money on the CPU to upgrade to the SSD. The SSD wil far and away make up for any performance "lag" you get with the AMD CPU and lets be honest with the exception of I'd say 10 percent of end user the AMD chip wont perform noticeably slower.

My home set up is dual 60 gig SSD's in raid 0(backed up weekly with clonezilla, and all of the files that are important are stored in the "cloud" anyways), AMD 6 Core and 16 gig of memory. I have 1000 bucks into it and My machine blows away the 2000 all in one my in laws just bought. (From dell BTW)

If you are still inclined to disagree with me I am ok with that. Just wanted you and the op to know where I am coming from.

If this machine will be part of a domain that has a dedicated san I wouldn't even bother with a large storage drive either. Why pay for storage you dont need using a SAN is more secure anyways.
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