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Originally Posted by Alpine View Post
I would say "wow, you must live where I do." But the sad truth is that this is the way it is around much of Texas. Most illegal immigrants are from Mexico or points south, and have no interest in learning English, let alone learning what makes this country great and doing their part to perpetuate it. They have their own-language radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers.

There are many jobs that native Americans who speak English just can't do well at, if at all. This is a business reality. In many areas of the state, government business is conducted in Spanish.

There is a general lack of respect for the environment, for example they ignore it when their kids litter. What we consider a trashy, blighted area they tolerate because it is an improvement over the old country. Texas is worse off for all these things.

As for the politics of it all, I'm not convinced that catering to illegal aliens who snuck into the country and have no interest in assimilating is all that popular among the locals who happen to be of Mexican ancestry.
As far as I know we weren't talking about illegal immigrants. This is one of the problems the GOP has. Certain people in the party think that Latino means illegal.

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