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Originally Posted by Chris Brines View Post
But do you think if I ran 50 or so rounds of factory FMJ through it and wiped it right after it would come off? Would I needa apply any solvent while it's still hot? Like at the bench at the range?
Most FMJ bullets have exposed lead bases,where as JSP or JHP do not have exposed lead bases but rather jacketed.

So no you will still have vaporized lead with FMJ's,you would need either JSP,JHP or totally metal encapsulated bullet to prevent any lead rings.

I think what I would try if it is that bothersome to you. Use a bronze bristled brush and if you can locate it Ed's red solvent or equally as well Kroil.
After you return home from your shooting session wet the face of the cylinder or better yet soak the cylinder in either one for about a hour. Then scrub the cylinder face with the brush,if the lead rings aren't fully removed by this process they will be so light as not to be objectionable.

I wish you were local to me as one,I would show you how easily BP removes lead rings from the cylinder face and how to reload BP cartridges.

Ed's Red
Or mix up your own Ed's red.

I have used both over the years and they are the two best chemical lead removal agents I know of . For me locally it's easier to obtain Kroil but either works well. SJ 40

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