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Bigger ticket items like quality binoculars, a premium scope or a GPS are not only appreciated but a long term investment. Another thing younger hunters seldom afford are dedicated hunting clothes, quality wool and camo outfits for both fall and winter weather that are used only for hunting.

Once season is over, I clean and pack away my hunting outfits in closed plastic bins so they remain like new and in top condition for next year's hunt. All get washed with soap that is free of scent and ultraviolet brighteners. I find it especially important to save out heavy socks, winter gloves and quality base layers so I can rely on them in the most demanding hunting conditions. Items that show wear or lose insulation value get moved for everyday use.

Now, as hunting seasons wind down and then after Christmas is a good time to shop the sales at Cabela's, etc. In the past couple years I've upgraded my hunting clothes big time. There's not much more I need but there's always room for improvement....
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