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Originally Posted by itisbruno View Post
countrygun, thanks for the info, I'll check out his site

monkeyboy, glad you chimed in, and you are spot on, that is exactly what it is, you are good. Thanks for the holster tips, I knew a sig whore like you would be able to help.

Riddle me this climbhard (and anyone else with thoughts on this) - I was looking at the SRT job, but will that adulterate the "all Germanness" of this firearm?

I like the true German heritage - but realize they send back the old parts, and the SRT does sound pretty sweet.

Thanks gang!
If you are going to check out Grayguns site, download his "dryfire" packet. It is a great, free, bit of training info about the use and the best (IMO) technique for using dyfiring as a training tool.
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