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Originally Posted by SpringerTGO View Post
He's also been in office for 4 years, and we haven't seen a single piece of anti gun legislation passed.
You really are clueless aren't you? The Demorats lost MANY Congregational seats over "gun control". The Republicants lost MANY Congregational seats over "gun control". The Congress was too afraid to SEND ANY GUN CONTROL BILLS TO THE OBOMINATION. Now that he has won a second and last term he may get to seat one or two anti gun Justices. He will try to push for another AWB HE SAID HE WOULD.

Originally Posted by SpringerTGO View Post
When he was first elected everyone predicted doom and gloom for gun rights, panic bought everything they could get their hands on, and nothing (other than high prices and shortages) came of it.
Other (republican) presidents ushered in things like the government being able to imprison citizens without trials and tap phones without warrants, but somehow they get a pass because they are for prayer in school?
They though he would do it because of his "HISTORY". He also said he would not run again if the economy didn't improve. It didn't he ran, he got reelected. He can't run again so there is nothing to stop him from doing as much damage as possible (other than the congress) in the next four years. They didn't stop him the last time why would they this time?

He may not get any gun control passed but it won't be for the lack of trying. Will we hear about it? Probably not! Remember his PROMISE for transparency. It brought us Obama Care, Fast and Furious and the death of an Ambassador, several Seals and assorted other good people.

He talks you believe. Some of us look at the record. The record says he will try for some sort of gun control. The record proves he's a narcissist, socialist liar.

Originally Posted by SpringerTGO View Post
And you would force everyone to watch your kids pray in school. Like there is a shortage of places to pray.
Or how about putting images in front of public buildings?
It's OK for you to impose your religion and "moral values" on those around you. Because yours is, no doubt, the one true religion.
How exactly does one FORCE someone to WATCH someone pray?

This country was built on Christin values. Read the Constitution. ENDOWED BY the CREATOR. So now you what to put the ca-bash on the First Amendment. What part of, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" don't you comprehend. What's really funny about this is I'm not a religious man. I just happen to believer in the Constitution and FREEDOM. Exactly how does it cause harm to anyone for someone to pray or put up a religious display. Socialists want to control behavior (when it comes to religion) that cause no harm, yet they will champion pornography and degenerate behavior. The reason they hate the display of religion is because they have no morals and religion promotes morality.

Isn't it telling how the "liberals" want to stop "religious" (Christian religion) displays while promoting the teaching of Suzy Has Two Mommies, Bobby Has Two Daddies and Islam to the children in PUBLIC schools. If you believe I'm wrong... Google is your friend.

Liberal: Someone who is so open-minded their brains have fallen out.
Guns are not dangerous, people are.

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