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Originally Posted by clarkstoncz View Post
The DT 115 gr. TAC-XP uses the identical Barnes XPB solide copper bullet as DPX.

Even loaded a little hotter.

Shoots very well through my guns and has low recoil with amazing accuracy.
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I carry the 115 in my alloy RAMI, and the 80 gr. in my polymer RAMI P.
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The only real drawback to the Barnes XPB is price.

Easily the best bullet design on the market.

Unlike HST and other bonded bullets, there is no jacket to shed,
or any lead at all.

The DPX has also shown to be a dynamic stopper in more than a few shootings.

Rated very highly for stopping power and excellent tactical penetration
in most tests, and by real world experts.

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Have you run them through a chrony?
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