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Originally Posted by uz2bUSMC View Post
Half the price as, say, Underwood? For 50?
Underwood is the exception for hyper velocity boutique ammo from what I can tell. Their prices are still competitive with the large ammo companies the last I checked. I haven't tried Underwood because I have a good stash of self-defense ammo, but if I'm in the market for more and prices are still reasonable I'll go for it based upon what I know at this moment in time.

And from all I know about Underwood it seems that in 9mm I'd go for the 124-grain Gold Dot +P, which from Underwood's published stats is loaded about the same as Speer's comparable round.

There are quite a lot of positive testimonials for the Winchester 127-grain +P+ so I suppose the Underwood 124-grain +P+ would appeal to those same folks. Not a lot of added oomph for me to select that over the proven Speer +P and a few other rounds.
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