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Guns and Ammo types for shtf

I live in a suburban area that is kind of off the beaten path. Not hard to find mind you, just out of obvious site. Unless you live out here or drive past the entrance, you probably don't know its here. It's a real pain for new pizza delivery drivers.

The inhabitants of my home make it impossible for me to throw everyone in a car and bug out quickly or on foot due to physical limitations.

About 200 yards behind my house is a medium sized woodsy area (couple hundred acres maybe?) that surrounds a creek. I have no neighbors behind me because it is a 100 yr flood plain. Under the cover of darkness I could move at my own pace to the woodsy area unseen.

It's not ideal and its not on my land. However, in a shtf moment, I have no issue taking a small portion short term to survive or hunting out there as there are loads of rabbits and squirrels around here. I know where the owners live and they won't be going to this land but my neighbors might.

I suspect I will end up holed up in the house. I have guns, ammo, food, a pool (maintained only with bleach), and family members who can shoot. I could last a couple of weeks in food or water so my main worry is defending my home against looters and such and first aid. I know my neighbors and would happily allow them to hunker down with me and mine and consolidate resources. My best friend lives in the same neighborhood and has an arsenal that matches mine almost identical. He has no safe and no pool so he would probably combine resources and ammo if it was really bad.

I am making a list of ammo and guns I should have in stock. Here is the calibers I have and the respective ammo amounts.

Glock 21SF – 50rds
2 Glock 26’s – 450 rds
Bersa 380 – 300 rds
S&W 38 Sp revolver - 100 rds
AR-15 - 400 rds
20 ga double barrel Shotgun – 225 rds
.308 bolt action rifle – 60 rds
.22lr M&P rifle – 11,000 rds

What ammo quantity would you add and in what order of importance? I know some numbers are very low but its only recent. I also just got all my 22 in today since its really all I can afford to take to the range now. That is why that number is kinda high.

Are there any other caliber weapons I should have on hand? I already have a AK, 357 revolver w/4” barrel, Glock 23, Glock 17, Mossberg 930SPX, and S&W M&P .22lr pistol on the must have list. Am I missing anything? I don’t want to be paranoid but I do want to be prepared.

If you have any other suggestions I am open to them.
Robert Bailey

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