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Originally Posted by ak103k View Post
My first "red dots" were the old Armson OEG's, which is where I believe this concept began, or at least got its name. You had a red, fiber optic dot on a black field (you also had a tritium dot in low light) and if you didnt shoot both eyes open, you only saw a red dot on a black field. Once you got used to them, they worked great, even out at 100 yards or so.

These days, I still use the concept with my Aimpoints. I just close the front cover and carry on. This also works well when you are going back and forth from light to dark areas, as you can set the dot to a comfortable brightness level, and it will remain constant. You dont lose the dot in bright light, and you arent overwhelmed by it in low light.

Yup, and beyond too.

AK with red dot at 100...
Black Rifle Forum

AK with irons at 200....
Black Rifle Forum

Not just the "politically correct" targets either.....

Black Rifle Forum

Black Rifle Forum

Most people I know or talk to, base their skills on how they shoot off a bench, shooting at a contrasting bullseye type target, at their leisure. Put targets with no fixed aiming point, of varying sizes (ie, just head and shoulders, etc), at varying ranges, and shoot from field positions, and its amazing how people dont seem to be able to shoot near as well as the tell you they can. What you can do at any time, "on demand", is what your true skill levels are, and that goes for whatever sighting system youre given to do it with. If you cant pick it up and put it to work, reasonably well, then you need to work on a few things.
Did you have to use "Lock-Tite" on your Aimpoint?
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