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Originally Posted by Glock 1 View Post

Glock 21SF 50rds
2 Glock 26s 450 rds
Bersa 380 300 rds
S&W 38 Sp revolver - 100 rds
AR-15 - 400 rds
20 ga double barrel Shotgun 225 rds
.308 bolt action rifle 60 rds
.22lr M&P rifle 11,000 rds

If you have any other suggestions I am open to them.
My advice, worth every penny ;-)

I would want 500 of 45 ACP, 1000 for the AR, and 250 for the .308. I can't see needing that much 380, 38sp, or 20ga for a double barrel and I think your current stock is sufficient. I would not worry about more weapons in different calibers. If you pick up another long gun I would get a second AR and another 500 rounds. 4 mags for the pistols and 10 for the AR.

Spend the extra money on food and a water filter system, first aid supplies, etc.

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