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Alot of great info and alot of you are on the same wave length as me.

I had some numbers in mind and you have echoed them so I must be thinking right. 1000 rds of handgun calibers, 1000 shotgun, and about 2000 for the AR. The 22 M&P is my toy and the pistol will be too.

And yes, a 10/22 is on the short list. I actually am waiting for my distributor to get the take down 10/22's back in stock. That is a wicked little gun there.

I think the 10/22 and the 12 gauge are my more pressing calibers as far as guns to obtain. Ammo is of course paramount right after that.

My wife used to think I was crazy wanting to stock pile ammo. She would look at my 400rds of .223 and 50 rds of 45 and tell me I did not need anymore. Then one day there was a story on the news about angry people in the streets because a police officer shot some stupid crack head in the hood. Then she turns to me and says "do we have plenty of ammo?" I just laughed really loud and said "to live through it or just take a few with us? Because you have two magazines of 9mm and then its pistol whippin time." Ever since then she has not complained about the ammo.

My food and water are being taken care of slowly but I will pass on your input. I was thinking of 55 gallon rain runoff barrels in the back yard under the gutters downspouts too. I might make that a priority now. I have plenty of bleach and a fireplace for boiling or sanitizing it if needed. I also have alot of firewood. Atleast a couple of months worth.

Food is pretty much good to go. We have a good size pantry and keep it stocked with canned goods, coffee (my 1 indulgence) and staples that will not go bad. Cases of veggies, beans, sauces, noodles and all the good stuff. we also have lots of canned meats like spam, deviled ham, vienna sausages, and dried beef. Trips to Sam's have become a monthly endeavor and I ask for bulk items we don't use often and sock it away quietly.

Now, one more thing occurred to me, a first aid kit. I need to read more on here before I ask questions but I want to make my own and need ideas of what to put in it other than scripts.

I have peroxide, band-aids, chemical ice packs, alcohol, iodine, Mercurochrome, suturing needle and thread, bandages, scissors, and the usual ointments like anti-itch, antibiotic, and burn cream.

I still need a snake bite kit, wasp sting kit, and epi-pens. The snake kit is because we have snakes and the others are for household allergies.

I am sure there is much more but I will read some of those threads and see what I have missed.

Thanks again for all your input. My wife calls me paranoid and I tell her its only paranoia if you never have to use it. She says, so in the end when I tell you I told you so, what then? I told her I would simply be wrong and she would be right. Again. But, it gets me peace of mind.
Robert Bailey

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