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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
Explain. What statements? You can PM me if you'd like so the thread can attempt to retain some resemblance of its intended purpose.

My point was clear. I said one (1) and you claimed I said they didn't have any under $1k. You twisted my words and made things up in an attempt to prove me wrong. If I hurt your feelings somewhere down the line bad enough that you need to lie in order to prove me wrong, I'm sorry (I'm not really sorry).

You did however provide me w/ a good link pertaining to the 300blk. And for that I thank you.
Now, take this experience and think about it when you do this silly **** to others. Frankly I do not care one bit to disprove any comment you make. This is a forum to learn and share ideas about firearms and other things grownups like. You are no authority to be "checking" any other member here especially about their opinion.

And just note: When I disprove you, I do it directly. I do not respond with extraneous bull**** questions that have nothing to do with the comment you quoted. Share your opinion. That is what we are here for. If you want to regurgitate M4C tier one speshul forces meme... go back over there then.
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