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This is all quite contrary from what I experienced in My sons public middle school.
2 days before elections my son came home telling me that a teacher told them that they the kids need to remind the parents to vote for Obama because Romney send all the jobs to China and we all be unemployed if he wins.

I can't even begin to tell you how I felt about this not only about the misinformation and outright lying but also to call kids to arms by teachers with a agenda.
And getting into things no school should meddle in.
I called the school and school board to complain and asking for a investigation and also emailed that teacher and gave her a huge piece of my mind but don't see anything happening beyond that point.

It is really sad when teacher stop to teach and instead using the classroom for whatever agendas the deem fit and that goes both ways.
This stuff has no room in a classroom.
What a teacher says outside of school to Facebook or wherever is their believe and business but school should be taboo of that.
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